“Junior Nationals was probably one of the more fun meets I’ve competed in in awhile. In the moment, having fun wasn’t a priority, but looking back on it I was able to enjoy myself throughout the competition. For me, Junior Nationals was a come back meet after a few previous poor performances.  After by performances at both the Youth Pan Ams and the American Open, I felt as if I was experiencing a mental block when it came to competitions.  In fact, I felt as if I was in a mental block when it came to my training in general.  I was really hungry, not only to win junior nationals but to overcome a fight within myself that I had been battling over a year.

As I started warming up in the back, I was antsy as always. I hit all of my warm up bars, which was a big deal to me since that hadn’t been the case recently. Although workouts in preparation for Junior Nationals were not going as planned, nor were happening as frequently as I wanted, I knew that I wanted to finish on the top of the podium and I was going to do everything in my power to make that happen.  After making my first attempt of 70 kg in the snatch, I was still experiencing nerves, but I realized I had reached my peak of motivation and fight for the meet. Every lift was in my hands, as it has always been in, I just had to realize that I was in control. After my first successful lift, I went on to snatch 73kg as well, but missed 75kg slightly in front of me.  For the clean and jerk, I opened at 90kg, hit it and was 2 kilos away from the highest total at the time.  I secured the 1st place finish in my weight class with a successful 93kg lift and then proceeded to hit 95kg to sweeten the day!”

–Erin Amos, 58kg Junior Nationals 1st Place Winner