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UGC Content June 2023

Our customers love seeing strong, attractive athletes
(that’s you!) demo-ing products they love while clearly and authentically showcasing what they love about them and why.

You have been hand-selected by our team because we feel you embody the brand and we would like to offer this opportunity to see if this could be a good partnership long-term. We would like to thank you for supporting Born Primitive and for joining us in the pursuit of strength and patriotism. If you're interested, please carefully review the information below.

Be real, genuine, and relatable.

In the example video HERE, Lauren Stallwood does a fun little jump-into-frame. Don’t feel like you have to do this as well, but make it fun and your own personality that others can relate to.


Don’t hold video in your hand – Set it up somewhere where the phone/camera is steady and easily captures your whole body in the frame.

No need to introduce yourself, go straight into showing off your outfit and talking about what you love about it. Don’t wear a hat or overdo your makeup/hair, be your natural self. Don’t film in a busy or distracting place.

Besides authentically explaining what you like about the product, we find our customers are especially interested in the following information

1. Sports Bras and details about the fit / comfort; show off the straps on the back!

2. Comfort with BP leggings, and how flattering they are for females! They are well-loved and so comfortable, even passing the “squat test”

3. Joggers: The most comfortable brand ever. Cute and flattering enough to wear out!